The currency markets are now closed. Centtrip exchange rates are based on live market exchange rates which are available again from 8am on Monday morning.

You can still apply for an account now and customers are able to buy currency at weekends at a fixed rate

Hong Kong Dollar
Australian Dollar
New Zealand Dollar
Japanese Yen
Danish Krone
Norweigen Krone
South African Rand
Swedish Krona
Swiss Franc
Polish Zloty
Canadian Dollar
Pound Sterling
US Dollar
UAE Dirham
Czech Koruna
Hungarian Forint
Singapore Dollar
Thai Baht


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International Bank Payments

Direct access to the live market and 0% foreign exchange rates.

Send payments via SWIFT and SEPA.

All major and many exotic currencies.

Intelligent foreign exchange.

Buy Currency

Centtrip Prepaid MasterCard® Card

Up to 14 currencies on one card.

Free to use at 35 million locations worldwide.

Significantly higher card balances.

Currency Freed.

Secure Global

One Secure Global Currency Account

One account with multiple currencies.

Fixed transparent and fair fees upfront.

Never pay more than 0.5% to deposit funds to your account.

Transparency guaranteed.


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exchange rates,
and the amazing
customer support.”

Sue Herbert

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